Quick story about Ivana Setiawan Pronounced /ee-vanh-uh/ so stop calling me /ai-vanh-uh/ * Forget bout my last name, pretty chaotic there.

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I am available for freelance work! Get to know my skills here, and feel free to contact me when you have any questions!

Quick background story:

1I was born

on November,12 1987 in Tulungagung, East Java - Indonesia. It's an extremely small village that I wouldn't be surprised if it's excluded on the map. Anyway, my parents moved to Surabaya since I was an infant. That's where I lived till I was about 17 yo.

2When I was 17

I was lucky enough to get a scholarship & moved to the Netherlands. Not that simple tho, lots of drama involved - mom cried like I was dead. Oh anyway - I buried my dream to study in Canada since (darn you destiny!)

Not true, I am still considering to do that sometime in the future actually.. You never know, I might win a lottery or something...

3And then I was 20

/* Quick hint: College was boring as fuck */

I moved to California (OC - LA) - started as an intern at Subset M (New media marketing company in Entertainment business). 6 months passed & they hired me (woott!). I met cool friends as well as cool artists there - went to Grammy Nomination for free with Cari Reed (also known as Mrs. Mraz) :D

2 things I remember:

  • John Mayer's hot - he's my future husband, I'm telling you.
  • Jonas Brothers were lame as fuck. They acted too cute, made me wanna puch'em in the face.

4Kaboom! back to the Netherlands

and signed at 80beans

80beans is an Application Development company in Amsterdam with awesome people! bla bla bla >> get the info on their website, I am bad in explaining.

5Two years past, then I moved on...

to Mangrove in Rotterdam

Mangrove is a full service internet company that carries out its work in interdisciplinary teams. This working method ensures that strategy, creative process, technology and marketing are perfectly attuned to each other.
Result: effective websites and successful online campaigns