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Quick story about Ivana Setiawan Pronounced /ee-vanh-uh/ so stop calling me /ai-vanh-uh/ * Forget bout my last name, pretty chaotic there.

I am available for freelance work! Here is my LinkedIn, and feel free to contact me when you have any questions!

Quick background story:

1I was born

on November,12 1987 in Tulungagung, East Java - Indonesia. It's an extremely small village that I wouldn't be surprised if it's excluded on the map. Anyway, my parents moved to Surabaya since I was an infant. That's where I lived till I was about 17 yo.

2When I was 17

I was lucky enough to get a scholarship & moved to the Netherlands. Not that simple tho, lots of drama involved - mom cried like I was dead. Oh anyway - I buried my dream to study in Canada since (darn you destiny!)

Not true, I am still considering to do that sometime in the future actually.. You never know, I might win a lottery or something...

3And then I was 20

/* Quick hint: College was boring as fuck */

I moved to California (OC - LA) - started as an intern at Subset M (New media marketing company in Entertainment business). 6 months passed & they hired me (woott!). Amazing time with awesome friends! Met cool artists there - went to Grammy Nomination and other cool events & venues.

4Kaboom! back to the Netherlands

and signed at 80beans

80beans is an Application Development company in Amsterdam with awesome people! bla bla bla >> get the info on their website, I am bad in explaining.

5Two years past, then I moved on...

to Mangrove in Rotterdam

Mangrove is a full service internet company that carries out its work in interdisciplinary teams. This working method ensures that strategy, creative process, technology and marketing are perfectly attuned to each other.
Result: effective websites and successful online campaigns

6After an amazing 2.5 years,

I decided to start working in Amsterdam area & focusing more on my freelance projects. I currently work at Funda* in Amsterdam.

* Funda is the largest online platform of the broker and the leading online media company in the real estate domain (in the Netherlands), with nearly 30 million visitors per month.