Ivana Setiawan

Oh Hi! My name is... Ivana Setiawan I am a Rocket Scientist wannabe, who's passionately in love with Front End stuff & currently live in Amsterdam

Get to know me


I wrote my first line of code back in 2008. From then on, I got totally hooked and dedicated myself to write code with combination of User Experience design as my full-time job.

I was living in Huntington Beach, California.
My first clients were clients of SubsetM (which was part of EMI group). Over 90% of them were artists and musicians. I started as a Designer. I designed logos, CD covers, banners, merchandises, myspace pages(wow! I feel so old!), websites, etc.
My experience of coding was below zero, then a situation from a client came up ~ I needed to educate myself a bit of coding.. tadaa.. The rest is history.
Hellow again, The Netherlands!
With my limited coding skill + better experience with design, I got hired by 80beans. 80beans is an Application development company using Ruby on Rails.

Looking back, I think I was very lucky. They saw my enthusiasm & passion in learning. I feel so grateful that I started on the right path. They were good, fun, and really nice people. I have learned so much from them.
2 years and 1 month later...
I got signed at Mangrove in Rotterdam. Mangrove is a digital agency with a strong focus on user experience. We design and develop apps, responsive websites and online platforms with a clear goal: creating the best user experience.

Front end architecture is still my main field, however at Mangrove I learn so much more than just developing. I am involved with clients & designers more than ever before. I gain more knowledge in User Experience, Interfaces, and Wireframing.
Still rocking at Mangrove..
Not only that, I am also having several fun side projects that I am very passionate about. I really enjoy hack battle. It's fun, hectic, & brain-twisting.. Such an adrenaline ride for me. Moreover, I love meeting other cool developers and talk nerdy to one another.

I also do several chosen freelance project for designing landing-pages & frontend code. So if you're interested, shoot me.


Several knowledge I've been gaining throughout my career journey. Each progress bar presents the amount of hours I have been investing, as well as my knowledge in each specific area.

Practice areas

  • Front end architecture
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Wireframing
  • Web design

Nerdy areas

(Based on amount of time spent)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass / Scss
  • jQuery
  • git


(Based on amount of time spent)

  • Sublime Text
  • iTerm
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch 3

Main interests at the moment

(Lack of skill, learning in progress)

  • Web application frameworks (I am exploring AngularJS at the moment)


Several projects I have worked / have been working on. There are many more of course, write me if you want extra information.


  • I am a nerd at heart, I mainly code most of the time (yep, including weekend and during my free time).
  • I love to join Hack-battle, been doing it for (at least) the past 3 years, mostly at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.
  • Lately I am having a major crush on JS. I recently went to dotJS conference(Nov 17, 2014) in Paris. I learned a lot from awesome developers there.
  • I am never as good as I want myself to be, but I am getting there.
  • I am a passionate writer, I am kinda suck but I really want to be better at it!
  • And oh! I love writing songs and playing music!

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