Imagine this...

[07:10:08AM] - You get in to your fully charged self-drive {electric} car. As you put on your seatbelt the navigation system reminding you that you will have 3 appointments today, the first one is at 8:00AM, located 25.3km away from your current location.
While the navigation system is calculating the first commute time based on the distance, weather, and traffic density; it's telling you the quick overview regarding the first meeting that you already defined on your calendar one and a half week ago.

[07:11:28AM] - The machine gets back at you and notify that it will take 36 minutes to get there. You're taking off at [07:11:30AM]

[07:11:30AM] - Since it will only take 36 minutes to get there, your system understands that you still have [0:12:30] time left, therefore it offers you an option to grab a cup fo coffee at a drive-through coffeeshop on the way. You say 'yes' so it recalculates your journey to be [00:40:25] while sending a note to the coffeeshop so your coffee will be ready at [07:50:55AM] to be picked up.

[07:51:55AM] - You're arriving at the first meeting appointment of the day.

[Note] The navigation system is connected to your calendar to understand your daily schedule; by knowing your schedule, it knows when to charge your car in advance (based on the kilometres you need to go on a specific day). Your system also understands your behaviour based on your positive/negative decisions and reactions toward specific situations, therefore it offers you to grab a cup of coffee before a meeting in the morning.

~ Flash back to today ~

The scenario above is no magic nor is it science fiction, it is about how the future is foreseen by enthusiastic nerds behind the Notificare team. They truly believe the world can be a better place when automation and machine intellegence help humans in doing their daily activities so that we can shift from spending hours to do chores to doing pivotal or fun stuff we enjoy.

With this in mind, Notificare is shaped and refined. Here is how this awesomeness started.

~ Not if I care! ~

Notificare was born out of necessity, the idea was born with the coming of web 2.0, Joel stated. The Notificare team believes that the web and the future of it will not be about people inserting, collecting, or manipulating data, but about automating the way data is fetched.

Notificare team realizes that we are entering an age where everything is written in a way that is open to the outside world so any system can access. In fact, Notificare idea started growing from having the necessity of connecting to an API in a system and at the same time connecting to another API on another system and being able to manipulate that data by doing an easy action such as clicking a button or even by automating it, identifying that certain data is what we need.


~ How Notificare works ~

Pretty straightforward; it allows you to connect to a certain system (API), grab data from there and let's you moderate it any way you want. It is truly flexible because it is system-agnostic (aka: the ability of something to function without “knowing” the underlying details of a system that it is working within. This means, one system can function in a variety of environments).

As for now, starting small and focusing on the amount of community based platforms, they started with WordPress. Here you can view the details of the plugin. As soon as you install the plugin, you will get notified on comments so you can approve or mark them as spam with a simple push of a button from your phone. Spiffy ey!

~ How can you help ~

Notificare team is committed to make the app to be an open source project, this means developers can join in and contribute their code to the community. As for now, the team is working on developing several plugins for different social networks which they believe will attract considerably high amount of users once it's launched, they are also active in promoting the service.

As soon as it's public, everyone can subscribe, start developing and connecting to any system they want and let the community use it. Sign up so we can keep you up to date!

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