Ivana Setiawan

Software Engineer + UX Designer Ivana

I am available up to 36h/week. Full remote. Please no recruiter.

I am a focused, pragmatic, energetic nerd seeking a tech project that fits my skills, interests, and character. Currently live in nature somewhere around Roberstfors (Sweden), therefore available for remote work only or if your company is located around where I am. Which is, frankly speaking, highly unlikely.

In 2009, I fell in love with code and taught myself how to write code by reading awesome developers' code (open source) line by line while explaining their meaning out loud to myself. Later on, I learned that what I did was called rubber duck debugging.

Although I started as a front-end developer, my interests are broad. I am an Aspie (a person with Asperger's syndrome), so my hyper-focus ability is like a double edge sword. I can absorb so much in so little time, and overly obsessed with things or topics that interest me. So far, it has been beneficial, but my social life could sometimes suffer from it.

I love sport (CrossFit - home gym) 🏋️‍♀️ and practise daily meditation 🪷

Too long;
didn't read?(TL;DR)

I am a self-taught aspie Software Engineer, mostly doing front-end stuff. A JavaScript lover, Python amateur, Hacker, Blockchain (Solidity) experimentalist and Web3 enthusiast. I also really enjoy UX Design. My ongoing project is Venopi.

What am I looking for?

  • Investor(s) to fund Venopi => build a solid team and work on it full-time 🏋️‍♀️ 🫶
  • Web 3.0 related project, full remote ✌️ 🤟
  • Front-end Position, fully remote 🌳🏠


  • Venopi

    Amsterdam | November 2019 - present

    Position: I build Venopi Git, HTML5, SCSS, Tailwind CSS, Sketch, ES6, Vue3, jQuery, Solidity, Django, Python

    Our mission is to improve the event ecosystem through collaboration, digitalisation, and smart work.

  • Funda

    Amsterdam | July 2021 - December 2022

    Position: Senior Software Engineer Nuxtjs, Vue, ES6, Segment, Datadog, Iterable, Optimizely, Micro Frontend

    Senior Software Engineer at Team Account. Our goal is to understand Funda's user as best as possible, through data tracking and analysing, so we can make decisions that can benefit the users and increase the loyalty score.

    I also build the Nuxt application modules for the purpose of Micro Frontend Architechture; NPM packages such as Logger (for Datadog, an essential monitoring platform for cloud applications) and Tracking (for Segment ,a customer data platform that helps you collect, clean, and activate your customer data) that are used by the Funda frontend cluster.

  • HackYourFuture

    Amsterdam | September 2017 - present

    Position: Code Mentor ARIA, HTML5, SCSS, JS

    HackYourFuture is a code school (foundation) teaching computer programming to refugees. Our aim is to empower our students through coding and get them to work as software developers.

  • KPN

    Amsterdam | November 2017 - 2019

    Position: Freelance Front-end developer & UX Designer React, Redux, Git, HTML5, SCSS, Sketch

    I belong to DDCI(Data-Driven Customer Interaction) team. Our main task is to build the most awesome Campaign tool (dashboard) for KPN using React + Redux.

  • UWV

    Amsterdam | July 2017 - present

    Position: Senior Front-end developer Angular, Browserstack, Selenium, Nightwatch, Git, Gulp, ARIA, HTML5, SCSS, Sketch

    My main role is to lead the front-ender(s) at UX team, maintain the quality of the code, rebuild werk.nl project on Angular, and writing the front-end test using Browserstack (using Selenium + Nightwatch).

  • Funda

    Amsterdam | August 2015 - July 2017

    Position: Front-end developer HTML5, SCSS, ES6, jQuery, Optimizely, Git, Gulp, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Sketch

    My role at funda is as front-end developer in the team New Business. We're the startup team of Funda; in short, our role is to explore and build awesome projects outside the generic funda releases.

  • Mangrove - Digital agency

    Rotterdam | April 2012 - July 2015

    Position: Front-end developer HTML5, SCSS, jQuery, Optimizely, Git

    Front end coding for Mangrove clients such as Hartstichting, Omron, MyLaps, Ahrend, etc. Mangrove is now called "Weareyou".

  • 80beans (AppSignal)

    Amsterdam | April 2010 - April 2012

    Position: Front-end developer HTML5, SCSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Haml

    Front end coding for web apps (Ruby on Rails) and slicecraft's clients. (Slicecraft is a front-end service, specialized for Ruby on Rails projects. We transform your design to reality with the best practise, modular front-end techniques)

  • SubsetM

    Huntington Beach, CA | April 2010 - April 2012

    Position: Designer & Front-end developer HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

    Design & build multiple web and promotional materials for clients, also training interns to assist with several design projects.


  • Modular front-end code
  • Monorepo
  • ES6
  • jQuery, Vue, React
  • Nuxt.js
  • Segment
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Javascript Unit Testing (Jest, Mocha, Chai, Sinon)
  • Web accessibility
  • Javascript package manager, such as NPM & Yarn
  • Solidity + JavaScript (Web 3.0)
  • Build automation tool, such as Webpack, Gulp & Grunt
  • Git
  • Continuous Integration & Pull Requests
  • Sketch, Figma, Canva